Chef Mo

About me

Shawntricka Moseley, also known as Elle (L),Chef Mo & Lp DaArtist from Baltimore, MD.

Elle is a highly loved entertainer and entrepreneur. She is the proud founder of Cre8tive Mind the brand; which brings idea’s to life through musical events, food, and art. Chef Mo is also the owner and operator of Cretive Mind (mobile) Cafe.

Specializing in Plant based & Non Plant based cusine.

Infused with minerals and herbs with no animal by-products to give your body the everyday minerals and herbs needed to keep a healthy alkiline ph level. Everything is made in house and is plant based even down to the soups sauces nd dressings.

At the age of 17, Elle was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Ervthematosus (SLE).”Lupus is a svstemic autoimmune disease that occurs when vour body s immune svstem attacks vour own tissues and organs. She’s had numerous surgeries, a total left hip replacement, and is currently getting dialysis awaiting a kidney transplant!

In 2017 Elle took a Chance on her Gift and had a few small events based around her selling dinners. Inspite of her many struggles she is very focused on her goals and refuses to let her illness stop her from accomplishing anything! She Is destined for greatness, And stay striving to inspire minds to be great and live up to their full potential.

Elle has been in several music video’s, with collaborations from some of Baltimores top artist. Has walked in over 6 local fashion shows. And Has Cooked and served for more the 7.000 people since 2017.

With a mission to bring the community together through art, fashion and food. She continues to inspire everyone she comes in contact with. twill onlv be a matter of time before the world knows and experience this beautiful soul, Elle Moseley!