Flip The Script

Repetition makes a person faster at doing a task, but flipping the script might be the answer. Granted, progress takes time. Staying committed to a goal makes it happen, but it does not mean keep doing the same thing expecting different results.

People are creatures of habit making it hard for most to step out on a limb. Wanting more, and repeating the same mistakes will not cut it. A person can only do so much before getting caught up in a pattern that does not solve the problem. Turning the tables upside can be the jolt a person needs.

A little confusion can be good, because it makes one think. Applying pressure when needed causes a person to fold or rise to the occasion. The risk is worth it in the long run, because wasting time is worse than losing people that squander resources. Create room for opportunity.

In business knowing when a good employee needs career development can be the flip a person needs, before possible pushing them out the door. Ultimately, helping others become better helps everyone. However, people makes choices base off what is good for them. Understanding the difference in what seems good now does not mean it is the best option. Seeing several moves a head is the only way to win.

Therefore, know how to flip the script before getting caught up. Hue does not expect people to change overnight. This network is not standing idly by to watch the pattern of media keep selling millions while the economic disparity gap keeps growing. It is time to flip the script by contributing to the world of media in a way that also empowers the community it has taken advantage of for years. See In The Hue.