Unpaved, Road To Justice and Equality

Senator Michael Bowen

A new docuseries

This new docuseries is in development to explore Baltimore City’s rich history during and after the civil rights movement. The series will delve deep into the events that shaped the city’s civil rights movement and the people who led the fight for equality and justice.

Unpaved will highlight the important role Baltimore played in the movement and how it contributed to the national conversation on civil rights. Through interviews with local historians, activists, and community members, the series will offer a unique perspective on the city’s history produced by Senator Michael Bowen Mitchell and Marcus G Lorick.

Be apart of this powerful series with never seen before footage and documentation from Senator Michael Bowen Mitchell’s private vault. His memorabilia is said to be one of the most comprehensive Civil Rights collection to date.

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The Announcement

On April 17th, Senators Ben Cardin & Chris Van Hollen with Congressman Kweisi Mfume announced the earmark for the restoration of 1239 Druid Hill Avenue as the Juanita Jackson Mitchell Law Center.

This is a victory for the Upton community. The new law center will provide legal services for people in the community. This is something Juanita Jackson Mitchell would approve of as freedom fighter for justice.