A diverse group of people lecturing on stage.

Diversity In Media

People are not open about their implicit bias, and often deny it public anyway. Even so, the lack of diversity is shown in the mildly offensive undertones in mainstream media. Despite the plethora of jobs on and off screen. Everything from writing, lighting and filming can show the lack of diversity on a project. The biggest giveaway is the cast in front of the camera and the script. The Oscars is the same way, because some of the films that win awards are questionable at times.

Being a minority working in production is challenging, because the jobs often afforded to minorities are mostly below the line. Even, those jobs are scrutinized and hard for people of color to secure. Mostly due to leadership having the power to look out for their people like a friend or relative. It happens in business, because who we know opens doors. Laws are in places that try to help deter that type of behavior, but it can be hard and costly to prove.

Therefore, a lot of minorities go the independent rough. Even stranger, a lot of minority continue to pitch their hard work to the same outlets that give them a hard way to go. The option to build with like minded individuals seen not as appealing. Different minorities with different upbringing and social classes have conflicting views on this topic.

That subject is too deep for this article; it deserves to be explored in another article.

A good title may be, How much is integrity worth these days? Power in numbers.

However, Hue is about promoting diversity in media. It is known that productions with a diverse cast often do very well in the box office. Moving on, technology has made it more affordable for independent production companies to create quality content. Minority own and operate companies are often not as fickle about having a multicultural crew. Yet, it is still a challenge for minority led projects to get funding.

In conclusion, Hue is about creating opportunities that foster change in media. This network’s goal is to bridge the social and economical disparity gap specifically for Black creatives. Welcome to a new spectrum of light made for you.