Music equipment

Rhythmic Vibes

Music is a universal language enjoyed all around the world. People learning different languages and dialectics, because they enjoy the rhythmic melody of a song. Music creates the mood and feeling for a movie scene. Even more, people wake up singing songs, and individuals earn a living making music.

For this reason, Hue has developed opportunities for music artists to incorporate their work throughout the network for different projects to earn revenue. Furthermore, Hue is producing several music based shows including The DJ Reddz Show, UMCI and others shows to be announced. In addition, the network will feature music videos and events that maybe live-streamed.

UMCI is setup to educate people looking to get into the music business and taking their career to the next lever. The series is broken down into segments. People can learn independently and schedule coaching sessions to interact with the instructors. Where as, The DJ Reddz Show is a series featuring special guests in the music industry.

In conclusion, the Hue Network is here to supports music artists and provide opportunities. Plus, the staff has over 20 year of professional experience working in the music industry and loves to share good music. In turn, music artists can earn revenue from sync licensing for contributing to the network. The mission is to build a community that supports creators in multiple ways for everyone to win.


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