Editors Notes

Putting together the first official newsletter has been a fun process, and a lot of work that I enjoy. Creating copy, getting pictures, graphic designing, SEO, web development, creating videos, editing, formulating a campaign strategy, testing, adjusting and talking to people is part of the job.

Having all those items done is a team effort. It is an ongoing process. I know, because I’ve done it for other businesses for years and I still consult with entrepreneurs/ and business owners. I’m not even talking about producing a show. Maybe I’ll do a Check It episode about it, but I have over 5 new episodes I’m working on now. It is important to pace myself.

People ask me, “Why don’t you just put it on YouTube?” Simple, it is a social media platform that doesn’t care about my community and members the way I do. Social media is always changing algorithms that mostly don’t benefit the user. Plus, I don’t know anyone personally making lots of money on social media, but it is a good marketing outlet that we are using. More importantly, I have people counting on me.

I’m looking to provide a quilt experience for our members, make money and get people paid. Unfortunately, there will always be someone trying to ruin my plans, but I look at like staying busy. You have to be competitive and have the correct mindset or life will get the best of you. I hope everyone enjoys the May 1st 2023 newsletter, because we are releasing a newsletter twice a month.