Free Value

Nothing of value is free. Time and resources can be greatly undervalued. Generally, people perceive big established entities to be more valuable than smaller companies. Hue knows people will see the value in Hue once on major platforms. Until then, Hue is focusing on producing quality content, building a culture and scaling accordingly instead of being foolish trying to expand to quickly. Being small has advantages. Yes, Hue is setup to launch almost overnight on major platforms, because the foundation was laid years ago.

Thus, Hue has already started issuing prizes to let people experience the benefits of being a member as the network grows. Plus, there will be more opportunities for people to win free prizes. That is free value.

How many times have you said, “I wish they had…” about a network?

The main difference with Hue is that members have a voice in the content produced. Meaning, members can help green-light shows, bring ideas and potentially share in the revenue. This member benefits rotate among the members to give everyone an opportunity to contribute to the network. Hence, people are members instead of being just subscribers. Other networks might try to adapt this business model, but Hue cares, lol.

Secondly, Hue is producing original content that can be on other networks. Hue is like a business incubator for producing shows. How does this benefit members? Meaning Hue will license content to other networks for revenue to reinvest in every aspect of the network. Therefore, members can potentially receive a check or prizes in the mail for simply being a member.

The mission is to create a self perpetual network that listens to the members and not driven by shareholders and advertisers. The goal is to create more opportunities for diversity in media for upcoming talent. American is supposed to be a melting pot, and place of opportunity. We have already joint ventures on a few projects to produce shows for the network and other platforms. What do you think?