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  • Top Picks of the Month

    Top Picks of the Month

    1. Busta Rhymes feat. Bia- Beach Ball 2. Deuce Caliber x Dj Reddz- Speed Dial 3. Gunna – FukUMean 4. Young Thug- Uncle M 5. Big Cruz- The Realest 6. Byron Messia- Talibans 7. Interstate Snake feat. Roc Solo- Remember 8. Pharrell Williams feat. Voices Of Fire- Joy(Unspeakable) 9. Kenya Vaun- Summer 10. DD Osama…

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  • Take A Bite

    Take A Bite

    Nothing like walking into a room smelling a pleasant aroma. It is no secret that doing a cooking for the network has been a priority after seeing Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart do one. We are proud to announce Chef Mo is cooking up options. Mo cares about the ingredients, the people and a wonderful…

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  • Free Value

    Free Value

    Nothing of value is free. Time and resources can be greatly undervalued. Generally, people perceive big established entities to be more valuable than smaller companies. Hue knows people will see the value in Hue once on major platforms. Until then, Hue is focusing on producing quality content, building a culture and scaling accordingly instead of…

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  • Rhythmic Vibes

    Rhythmic Vibes

    Music is a universal language enjoyed all around the world. People learning different languages and dialectics, because they enjoy the rhythmic melody of a song. Music creates the mood and feeling for a movie scene. Even more, people wake up singing songs, and individuals earn a living making music. For this reason, Hue has developed…

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